Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Negro Bill Canyon

Deep in the heart of red rock country Negro Bill Canyon runs up the Navajo Sandstone. A spectacular canyon with more desert varnish than an artist could paint, Negro Bill is named for mulatto rancher, herder and settler, William Granstaff. Hiking up canyon, we followed a clear stream crossing the water five or six times until we came to the junction of Negro Bill and Morning Glory Bridge box canyon. Up over the sandstone and into the box we move ending up face to face with the 6th biggest natural bridge in the U.S. High above, climbers are rappelling down the 250 foot precipice from Porcupine Rim mountain bike trail. We're in shadow looking up through the slim bit of blue sky through the bridge. Everett Ruess could have wandered through here in 1932. Edward Abbey did in 1965. It's a sanctuary on weekdays, but lots of hikers on spring weekends. 


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